Thursday, December 17, 2009

Showdown at Druid Hill

The lineup is set, and I anticipate this is going to be a pretty sweet year for this event. It may not yield a super fast time, particularly if there is the predicted snow, but I'm pretty psyched for this weekend's Celtic Solstice race.

Check out the lineup of contenders:

Brian Godsey
Kyle Smits
Dave Berdan
Ed "Cheese" Aramayo
Dave Berardi
Paul Hannsen

For the ladies it's a little narrower, with Hopkins standout Laura Paulsen likely to take the W, but Kristen Till and Pam Maldeis are sure to make it a show. I've also asked a few other ladies if they'd like to run, we'll see if they show up! This just in: JULIA RUDD is coming up to run!

So whether you're running, volunteering or maybe just coming to watch, it should be a really cool race. I was up there today and it looks good, as long as there isn't an epic snowfall. Check back in Saturday afternoon for results!


Collin said...

Godsey? Doesn't he live in Europe? This should be a good race.

Ben said...

so, it looks like the heavy snow might hold off until near the end of the race, but man - how the hell is Baltimore going to deal with 10-20 inches of snow!!!
We better all hope that the temp rises early next week - or else we're going to start a new TWSS tradition of Christmas in Baltimore!

///MM said...

I hope someone rolls up in snow shoes and wins the race.

Andrew Jaffe said...

I'm tempted to bring a pair of XC skis...or maybe just sleep in..

fbg said...

I don't know about snowshoes or skis, but why didn't anyone else wear spikes? I think they helped a lot. Thanks Kip.