Thursday, November 12, 2009


So this is a very last minute invite, but in honor of National Peanut Butter Lovers' Month, my roommates and I are having a peanut butter party tomorrow night...and since almost every runner I know is pretty obsessed with peanut butter, I thought some of you guys might be interested! Peanut butter snacks, sandwiches, stir fry, various desserts, and more will be served. Peanut butter cocktails and play-doh may also be in the works, but no promises. No need to bring any food, but BYOB if you'd like.

It's 7 pm Friday at 2025 E. Pratt...if you need more details shoot me an email:

And not to be prejudiced, but if you have any sort of peanut allergy/sensitivity, please stay away! We don't want to be responsible for any deaths this weekend.


///MM said...

Remember how annoying this was?

Funnyrunner said...

shit. Am I still a real runner if I'm not obsessed with peanut butter? (I do like it in a Reese's...)

RM said...

BOOF! Is this your first ever blog post on here?

Awesome job, great party idea!

Rebs said...

yaay for peanut butter. that sounds like an AWESOME party.

Lauren said...

yes, my first post...for a very important reason!

gladfelter said...

I'm rocking Madison Square Garden and Metallica Saturday night, or I'd be there. But I heart Peanut Butter. Sorry I can't make it.