Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Body Language

I don't speak Spanish, Japanese or French
The way you move your body definitely makes sense

Body language is universal. So is being a pimp.

Ben Ingram and Denise Knickman are pimps. Ben planned on doing the Harrisburg marathon as a long run tune-up prior to JFK, and said he wouldn't try to run under 3 hours. Lo and behold, there's Benji's name in 7th position with a 2:47:33. Ben now possesses 3 of the 8 fastest marathon times run this season by any of us. While this was sweet, it definitely did not trump the basket of sweets that Denise earned with her marathon WIN in 3:02:05. This was her second marathon win this year and a season's best time.

Lauren Dennisuk set a 5 minute PR with a 1:32:24, taking 13th overall, at the Gynecological Cancer Foundation Half in DC. This inaugural event drew a competitive crowd (no doubt for the dollar bills that were on the line) and also Mandy Moore allegedly!

Greg Hanscom, fresh off his speedy track session at Relay Night, ran an unbelievable 50 miler at Mountain Masochist in VA I think. 23rd overall, 8:43:04.

Dustin Meeker showed his wheels, winning the Downs Park 5 miler in Annapolis in 26:11. Big win!

Ryan Schmidt has really gotten back into running full steam. This time he did his first ever half marathon and ran 1:27:07 at the Van Nolasco Half in Hawaii.

The Purple Drink Athlete of the Week this week goes to the well-deserving Denise Knickman. The award is her second this year.

More importantly, Hubs of Fury 5: Dead Man Riding, went off without a hitch. We hit all the bars we had on the schedule, ran on time, suffered no mechanicals or crashes - it was a great event. Hubs 6 planning will begin soon, I really think we can do a winter version.

Tonight is our LAST Tuesday Night Track workout for the year...at least official one. Time for some well-earned rest and mostly just a break from going up there every Tuesday. The workout will be short, either a mile followed by 4x400 or just 8x400. The weather seems alright and we'll hit Chipotle afterwards.

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