Monday, October 26, 2009

Voting Scandal Rocks TWSS!

Broward County, FL - Residents of the beleagured, voting-incapable county, which was at the center of voting snafus in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections, breathed a collective sigh of relief this weekend as Team That's What She Said relieved them of their dubious distinction as worst voters ever.

I had to laugh last week as the voting for our Hubs of Fury name was taking place. First it was fairly even between the two frontrunners, with Dead Man Riding possessing a slight lead. Then after Kris' plea for FURINOX votes, the spike in voting was considerable. Furinox seized the lead, but overnight Gallup polls showed that an inordinate amount of votes were cast in favor of Dead Man Riding. So either someone was clearing their cookies or voting from every computer they could find, because we certainly never have over 50 people voting. I don't even think that many people read this thing.

That said, I declare Hubs of Fury 5: Dead Man Riding, to be the name. This is (hopefully) the only time we can use that name really, and as Emily pointed out, it fits in well with the around-Halloween theme. Furinox can still be used, and perhaps my two choices which received barely any votes, can be used at some point as well.

Marine Corps Marathon: Following last year's unbelievable marathon debut by Will Knox at Philly (2:30:24), we were all anxiously awaiting the sequel. But, with his new job came a little less time to put in "that type" of training, so expectations were lowering heading into this past weekend's MCM. It seemed like a great day to run, and Will used an impressive negative split (1:26 first half, 1:21 second half) to run a 1:47:15 for 106th place.

Marine Corps 10k: Dr. J had her sights set on this race and was looking for a big result - which she seemed to get, running a 40:12 for 3rd place woman.

Charlottesville Fall Classic 10k: Eileen headed down to C-Ville for this race, which attracted some elite talent, and she took 8th F/22nd Overall with a 40:53.

Our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week - for the first time this year and the first since his marathon last year - goes to Will Knox. He's done just 3 races this year and they've all come since Labor Day.

The week ahead looks to be decent, nice today, but some rain in the forecast over the next few. That means we may get wet tomorrow. I'll be there but may be a couple minutes late so get the warmup rolling. The workout is going to be 3x[400-800-400] with 1:00 after intervals and 2:00 after sets. The idea of this workout is to do these at your goal pace for whatever race you've got coming up. That means it probably won't feel that hard, which is why the rest is short.

And CONGRATULATIONS to Kyle Smits and his wife, who welcomed their first child, Ella Jane Smits, on Friday!


Ben said...

I've been meaning to put in a word for the wednesday night run. I've still been showing up at 6pm at Canton square. Nobody else has shown up for almost a month - but, if you're interested, I will be there this wednesday.

alyssa said...

haha, i just have a mental pic of ben all alone in the square, waiting and hoping.


anyone else coming today?


RM said...

It is my intention that as soon as I can run again I will be there - probably not for more than a mile or two at first, but I do want to get back. So thanks Ben for keeping the candle lit.

We will call this run Ben's Affair to Remember.

We could make a movie, like he and his lover keep missing each other, but at the end we find out either one of them is actually dead and it's like a dream, or that they lived at different times like the Lake House.

I'm going to start leaving Ben notes at the Square.

brennan said...

...or like the Semisonic "Closing Time" video.

I haven't been able to commit to Canton as of late because on Wednesdays I've been running from the ballpark and then I don't typically complete the loop back to the square if I go over that way. However, next week I can schedule it in.