Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meet Me Halfway

Let's see let's see...races from the weekend

Mountain Madness 50k: Alyssa decided late in the week to drive up to Ramapo, NJ, for this insanely hard 50k. Run along the same trails as the North Face Endurance 50M earlier this spring, she stuck it out and took 3rd place. The weather, as we all know, was pretty nasty as well. 7 hours and 3 minutes for 50k, that's a long day!

BULA 5k: Diane won this race last year and presumably had it in the bag again this year. She took off in the lead with her college teammate Frank, and the pair took a wrong turn. They looped around and caught up to the back of the race, ran through them and re-assumed the lead. Then they took the whole race on the same wrong turn. They righted themselves and she claimed the win in the impressive 5k time of 29:33.

Race for the Cure 5k: This was the national weekend for this race series. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the country participate in the event, most electing to walk. But there is still a competition there, and in the Maryland edition that was won by Dave Berdan, with Jake Marren taking 2nd. In Hawaii, Ryan Schmidt won the race by 30 seconds, running a 16:28 (45 seconds faster than his 5k from a few weeks ago!).

Bay State Marathon/Half: Known to be one of the fastest races out there at the marathon distance, our trolling contributor from Bel Air, Julie Acker, took 9 minutes out of her PR and finally qualified for Boston! In the half, Matt Stanford ran big off of his recent injury, taking 12th in 1:21:00.

Eileen Fleck also did a race this weekend, a small 5k in Virginia for a booster club. She won, in 19:33, and enjoyed post-race burritos and hot chocolate. We need to start finding these races!

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week is going to be awarded to Ryan Schmidt, whose move to the Island has rejuvenated his spirit and fondness of running, and he's done two races in the past couple weeks. I hope this is the beginning of a renaissance for him!

This week at the track we'll be doing RELAY NIGHT. A fall favorite, I'll see who we have when we get there and divide teams up as fairly as I can. Then we'll get in between 2.5 and 3 miles of hard running. Following track, instead of Chipotle we were thinking about going to Elevation Burger in Harbor East - because there are some nifty coupons for a free double burger. Of course I go to the link today and no coupon shows up! So if anyone had the foresight to print it out or can access it, please let me know.


Rebs said...

hahaha. yeah the link was removed. Ross and I already indulged on our free doubles. I think I have the image up on my desktop at home but I wont be at home before the run :(

THE KRIS said...

COME ON! how is "furinox" not winning? it's my new fav word.

RM said...

How is Give Me Fury or Give Me Death only at like 3 votes?!