Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving to Arizona

I just wanted to let everyone know I’ll be moving to Flagstaff, Az at the end of September to start a new job in the medical products division at W.L. Gore ( ). It was a tough decision to make but in the end it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Leaving will be hard as I’ve made a lot of good friends in Baltimore but I’ll be back to visit and hopefully I'll have some visitors. Thanks for all the company on runs and support at races the past few years.
A bit about where I’ll be going, it’s not in the desert it's actually in a pine forest. Flag is 80 miles south of the Grand Canyon, 2.5 hours North of Phoenix, 4 hours from Vegas, and 6.5ish hours to the CA coast. At 7000 feet elevation the summer highs are in the low 80’s and the nights cool to the 50’s. The winter the temps can get into the teens and there is snow! But I’m told if I want to ride my bike outside in winter it’s only a 30 minute drive to some 50/60 degree weather. About 10 miles north of the city are the San Francisco Peaks which have a high point of 12,633 feet and offer resort and backcountry skiing! There are also countless miles of trails in the area that I am looking forward to exploring.


RM said...

Damn Claire, and without much traffic you'll be able to ride anxiety-free. You'll probably beat me at Eagleman next year on the bike!

Travis said...

Flagstaff is flat out great. You will love it. After you can breath, as I recall there is not as much air at first. In one run on the first morning I saw Elk, turkeys, fox, deer, etc, like one car. Trails everywhere, I want to move.

RM said...

Yeah Travis didn't you have to be airlifted out of somewhere cause you nearly died??