Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Make it Drip Drip

I didn't post this yesterday because two posts stole the Monday morning thunder and I didn't want to bump them down right away.

The BRRC 10 mile relay seemed to be a pretty sweet event. You can read about it here at Running Maryland's website. There is a video, and they even have splits, conveniently for just about all of our friends. Jubb and Stas averaged under 5's for their race and ran some pretty evil negative splitting, winning the event in 49:28. Less than 3 minutes later came Kip and Denise, and a minute + after them was Berardi. Other competitors included a very hungover Terence Baptiste, Matt Augustin and Louis Fodos (who works at the store as well).

Cheese did a race this weekend, a 5k in Baldwin Park called the Pride of the Valley 5k. Cheese ran the amazing time of 15:58. However, this was only good enough for 18th overall as the winner was 14:25. Looking at the names and you can definitely tell you're in somewhat Southern California. Fortunately, Ed's name blends right in. Awesome job dude, we'll be looking for a sweet result out of you on 9/13 at the Chicago Half!

This week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, though, really lived up to the honor. I knew Chris Belcher was racing the Hadassah Check It Out Challenge 5k in Hunt Valley (which I thought used to be run in Patt Park). He won this event in the pedestrian time of 17:08. Since he won by :26, I figured he just put it into cruise control once he had the win locked up. The win alone, combined with his summer of great racing, won him the PDAW. Then on Monday morning he tells me he ran some random Trail 5k on Saturday, taking 3rd. Apparently it was super long (no surprise as it was on the trail) so he shut it down in anticipation of Sunday's race. Two races, one win, and moving back to Louisville for med school is a pretty sweet way to end your time in Baltimore.

The week ahead also seems pretty quiet, with only a few known events. Collin's at a 50 miler, a few might take on the Leesburg 10k in VA, and there is the final track meet in the BRRC Summer Track Series on Wednesday.

Here is the Tuesday Night Track workout for all of you who were confused by the email. Interval followed by (recovery time) in parentheses:

1200 (2:20), 1100 (2:10), 1000 (2:00), 900 (1:50), 800 (1:40), 700 (1:30), 600 (1:20), 500 (1:10), 400 (1:00), 300 (1:00), 200 (1:00), 3x1oo striders

This is an 8000m workout, so a fairly long one. For those of you not quite yet at the 8k mark, we'll have you cut 200m off each interval, or skip a few entirely, so you're not running the whole thing. As far as the pace, with the recovery becoming less and less each time, this is another workout whose intention is proper pacing. In your head you're thinking "sweet, just a little downward ladder I can get faster along the way" but really your body will be screaming for oxygen.

The first few repeats will likely feel very easy, but the pace should be something akin to 10k pace. So on 5:20 it would be something like 4:00, 3:40, 3:20, 3:00, 2:40, 2:20, 2:00, 1:40, 1:20, 1:00, :40. Towards the end of the workout, the 400m and below, the idea is really just opening up the stride a little bit. The striders at the end are untimed and on your own rest interval.

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