Monday, August 10, 2009

I Got A Feelin'

More than a feeling, hooked on a feeling - all great songs involving the word feeling. I tell you what I wish I were feeling up on right now...that's right, a big greased up wang.

BEN! Why did you type that??

Anyway I had a busy day today, as I will just about every day this week so I'm just getting around to typing up the online version of the Monday morning email. For their respective race reports, if they're writing them, I'll direct you to Collin Anderson's blog and Alyssa's blog. Collin finished 9th at Mt. Disappointment 50 miler on Saturday and Alyssa finished 3rd at The Dam Race 10.5 miler in Massachusetts. Look at Alyssa racing the shortest distance she's race since last year's Rockville.

Spider did a couple of races this weekend, he sent me an email so I haven't gotten a chance to check out full results but apparently he finished 2nd in a sprint tri on Sunday after running a road race on Saturday. Ahh that Spider.

At Leesburg, Baltimore was represented in the top 10 by Ben (3rd) and Brennan (7th). It was a not-so-far-away far away race in East Bumble, VA. But it was good to see them turn in some good midsummer performances.

Final event of the weekend was the BRRC Bunker Hill Trail Races. There is a single loop (5.5 miles) and a double loop (11 miles) race. Tall Matt Augustin took 11th in the 5.5 one, and Pete was 34th. In the 11 mile joint, Ryan Stasiowski was 1st for men, Pam Maldeis was 1st for women and Christine Trzcinski was 3rd.

The Purple Drink Athlete of the Week - for dealing with humidity, waist-high stream crossings and wasp attacks, all while keeping a smile on his face and helping people navigate across the streams, is Pete Mulligan. Congrats Pete, I think that may be your first ever PDAW!

This week's Tuesday Night Track workout is:

16x400 on 2:00. Run them wisely. That's not a lot of rest. Pace is key. It's also going to be a million degrees I'm sure. For those not quite up to that distance yet, you can do 10-12.


Collin said...

BTW, Ryan, the official results just came out and I guess I was 8th, not 9th. Sweet...

Collin said...

Never mind, I was 9th. They forgot someone the first time they posted them.