Friday, July 17, 2009

Rockville Ain't No Thrill

So there are quite a fair number of you running this weekend, and probably a bunch of new faces. I believe the following are racing:

Greg Jubb, Ryan Stasiowski, Jeff Gaudette, Jake Marren, Justin Gerbereux, Kris Simms, Brennan J. Feldhausen, Melissa Bosslet, Christine Ramsey, Denise Knickman, Dave Berardi

Anyone else?

For those of you who do NOT have singlets, we'll have to make sure Jim gets some more printed or something. For tomorrow don't worry about it if you don't have one. In years past I've always tried to be down there by 7, realizing that it's an 8:45pm start time and it's usually pretty hot and humid. I'd say you should be warming up by 8 or just after. If you see someone else with Falls Road gear, shout them out. The GRC folks are using the "invited runner room" as their homebase. Last year we were slightly more homeless, opting instead for the sidewalk next to Donna's mini. I'd say this general vicinity is as good as any to meet. Perhaps in the area of 7:30, 7:45. Just look for one another and good luck!

ALSO quick update on Ben's progress at the Great Lakes Relay out in Michigan: (as of 4:50pm EST) "Going well so far. First overall out of 84 teams (2nd with girl handicap)"


Eileen said...

I'm running the race too, and I have a singlet that I'll bring. It seems a bit too large for me, so I wasn't planning to wear it.

Johnnie Cochran said...

I will pass on rockville, the weather looks too fair to race. I am not feeling so good this week with all the working/studying from 6:30am - 12am everyday. I will resume running/socializing post exam on July 29th.

Good luck everyone racing!

alyssa said...

FYI....When Ben wrote "girl handicap" he meant "girl handiawes".

alyssa said...

PS - For everyone doing Rockville. Do not get duped into doing the TWSS so called "warm-up" if you usually do not warm up before a race. This actually turns into running the course prior to racing it, at race speed, and it will cause death when you actually start the race.

RM said...

handiawes = dece plus

As per the warmup, it's just cause Alyssa was hungover. She actually ran the warmup faster than her eventual race pace and that's what she gets for warming up with some pretty sweet dudes.

THE KRIS said...

pretty sweet = awesisweet

great job last night, squad.

that's what she said.