Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh, hot dizzle.

Ladies and gents, I'd like to announce that for 2009 TWSS will have quite a spectale to watch this November. Despite the race being sold out at a record rate, we will have several runners in the 47th running of the JFK 50 mile. First, Claire Lears' tiny little legs will take her 50 miles. No doubt her experience hiking on the AT will give her an advan. Next, I will be attempting to PR 7 days after getting my butt kicked at Clearwater 70.3. Definitely won't be pretty. And, to my delight, the one and only Ben Ingram, with seeded #68, will be competing. I will probably tackle him for that number, as I have not been granted a seeded number in the past 4 years I've done the race. Special shout out to Kendra - Thanks for letting Ben run!!


Collin said...

Ben's doing JFK? This ought to be good. There aren't too many people running 50s that can do a 2:32 marathon, so he better live up to the expectations. :)

Ben said...

no expectations here - just a very long "run" down a trail. it will take me a couple hours (ask brennan) to just get through the 4 mile rocky AT section.