Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day - Early Results

I told you Lance was skinny...apparently he is lighter coming into the start of this year's TdF than he was at the start of any of his previous Tours. He just left the start house for the 15.5km ITT and I definitely have a boner. Between the all-American Wimbledon women's final, Independence Day, hot dogs and the Tour it is definitely my favorite day of 2009.

Early Results! (to be updated as I get more)

African-American Heritage 5k: Ben gets 2nd. Wasn't even close. Damn Ethernopian. 15:54. Chrissie gets 1st for women in the unBEElievable time of 16:40. Melissa 2nd at 18:20 and beats Remus. Cynthia runs 22:26. I was going to say the times were probably 14-16 seconds fast just upon first sight, and verification of Chrissie's 4.91km GPS reading could make that difference.

Dundalk Heritage 6k: Pretty fast race, 18:08 winner. Thought Hollywood was going to race there but must have had a gig. Kristen Till 1st overall female in 23:07, just 2 seconds off Denise's team 6k record. Christine Trzcinski 3rd overall a minute back.

La Crosse Chileda Classic 5k: Julia Rudd obliterated the course record (previously 17:20) by running a 17:13 and obviously took the win. Very evenly paced run, great job Julia!

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Results from Justin's track meet the other day