Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A day late, but we're still ballers.

*Note: this post is long, so it probably knocks Jen's recent Power Hour Friday post right off the screen, so please scroll down for the dets on that, sure to be a blast!!*

I had to amend this a little because I forgot a few results in the Monday email.

*Randolph Lake Triathlon - * Pat McLoughlin used a solid swim and a strong run to catapult himself into 21st place overall at this race in NJ. For those who were unaware, Pat is an unbelievable bodyboarder as well.

*Chattanooga Tri - * Spider, in his first event in his new home of TN, placed 21st overall and was the 3rd person from Tennessee. This race served as the TN race for Best of the US, which is a national race that takes champions from each state and pits them against one another.

*Belmar 5 - * Kevin and Meghan McGrath once again hit the Jersey Shore running scene for the last big 5 mile race of the summer around here. It was Meghan's 21st birthday, and despite me stealing her thunder the day before by going to the hospital, she and Kevin both placed very well.

*Meet of Miles - *Results aren't posted but the word is that Matt Jablonski took first in 4:30 low, and NCOTB was 3rd in 4:45. Denise also appears to have ran (didn't she do the workout the day prior?) and she won for the women.

*Diamond in the Rough Triathlon -* Matt Stanford took 83rd in a time of 2:28:03, which included the 9th best run of the day. Way to go Matt!

*Pikesville 5k - *Chris Belcher aka NCOTB took 2nd in the super quick time of 16:30, with Chrissie in first for the ladies and 6th overall in 17:24. Oh and she was in the middle of her 2 hour long run. Same went for Kris Simms, who was 15th in 18:21. Tom Stewart took 17th in 18:28. Jackie Truncellito was 2nd female overall in the very impressive time of 18:45. Dr. Rodney Taylor was 22nd in 19:02 and Matt Castille was right behind in 19:08 for 23rd. And our man Jim Adams is back to racing it appears, finishing in 23:37 for 111th place.

*Utica Boilermaker (15k) -* One of the most competitive summertime races and certainly one of the largest races in the world, it's a summertime destination race in New York. Julia Rudd raced very smart, taking it out slow on the challenging course and ramping up along the way. She finished in 18th for the women in a time of 56:22, which correlates to 6:03 per mile. Jennifer Koshy was also taking part, except her pre-race prep was less than stellar. Despite puking a few times along the way, she managed to finish in 394th spot for the ladies in a 1:14:44.

*Colonial Beach Olympic Tri -* OJ proved that short distance racing isn't just a young man's game, although he was going up against some pretty stiff competition from a pair of young pro's. He finished 3rd in the race and posted some very fast splits out there. Way to go buddy!

*Howard County Striders Women's 5k - *Denise took 5th in 19:04. Taking 5th is largely unlike her, unless there are 3 women that run under 18. Wow. Oh and one of the chicks, the one that got 3rd, was definitely the one that we had to help off the course at Race For Our Kids.

*Kapfenberg 1500m -* Brian Godsey, the master blaster, took TWO seconds off his 1500m PR (2001) and placed 6th against some really quick dudes.

*Providence 70.3 -* The report from this race is that it was super windy at the start, so much so that the race directors allowed people to just do a bike-run if they were not comfortable swimming. Nevertheless, swim times appeared to be incredibly quick so they may have made it a little short or something. Good for those who don't like being in the water any longer than they have to! In Mike Zero Mashner's first ever half iron distance race he swam extremely quick, rode well despite a few hiccups, had great transitions and ran an amazing 1:29 half marathon on a very hard course to finish in 4:37:01 and take 95th overall. Alyssa, just two weeks off her Western States finish, wasn't sure if she'd have the legs, but managed to swim and ride very strong before slowing down a little on the run. Either way she was marginally faster than last year and now has 6 weeks until IM Louisville!

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week - Tough call between two of the people, but a two second PR over a 1500m and not being in college anymore tilted the advantage towards Mr. Euro himself, Brian Godsey. Congratulations! Angelina has one, Madonna has one, now BRIAN has one!

Also on Saturday Ben and Ryan are timing another race in the Inner Harbor. It is tragically early but we could really use a few helping hands. It'll be super easy since we're just pulling tags and it's a low key event for a nurses' convention. The race" starts at 6:30am at Rash Field in the Inner Harbor, so if you can help out 6-6:15 would be great and we'll be done by 7:30-7:45. Please leave a comment if you can help out. I will be there, and I'm pretty, so that's a plus.


Ben said...

thx alyssa for doing that - i was starting to get the shakes. also thanks for putting out the word about the race saturday. i guess that's the only problem with agreeing to manage a race when one of us is going to be out of town - it makes it a little difficult when the other guy ends up in traction. But, i'm confident that this group will step it up as you always do!

Ryan and I are planning on using the profit from all of our gigs this summer to do something cool for the team - so, you aren't just lining our pockets.
The only two people i know who are going to help out so far are alyssa and brennan (please e-mail me at bingram99@hotmail.com if you can help out). Brennan has volunteered to be the point person given his experience since the age of five (i know - that's only a few years ago) of timing his dad's XC races. So, if you have a fetish that includes being yelled at by a skinny, asthmatic, with glasses - saturday is your lucky day. Thanks again!

Casper said...

I'm in!

Jen said...

Skinny asthmatic? Hot damn, I'm in too! If kids want to booze the night before, you can crash at my place and we can stumble over in the AM.

Claire said...

Count me in as well.