Monday, June 22, 2009

WS100 Webcast

Holler! So I am peacing out this Wednesday to California for the big dizay, but I wanted to write a quick post with ways you can track me come Saturday. One, Jen and Arjun will both be there and so if you have their numbers they may or may not have the cell phone reception to keep you updated via calls or texts. Two, and probably a bit more reliable, is the actual webcast on the WS website. Come race day you should be able to search for me via name or bib number (40) to follow my progress. You can also sign up for the "email tracking" from this website. It's the first year they are doing that though so there may be some time delays/kinks in the system. If you do pick that though, you can track up to 5 people. So some suggestions of other people to watch so you have an idea as to how I'm doing comparatively: Francesca Conte (my coach), Nikki Kimball (who I predict will win the women's race), Scott Jurek (who I predict will win the Men's race), and Justine Morrison (a fellow east coaster I will be battling with for the 20-29 age group).

Anyway, it should be one of the more exciting races ultrarunning has seen in awhile. Race starts at 8am EST! I appreciate all the support the team has given me as I prepared this spring, and knowing you guys will be rooting for me on Saturday will give me a huge boost. Thanks!


Hollywood said...

Wow - I guess that saves us all a lot of air fare. Looking forward to it....Good luck, Alyssa.

RM said...

Alyssa, will you be twatting/tweeting/twittering while on the race?

"just got sexually assaulted by a mountain lion...jk! lolzzzzz"

alyssa said...

haha. twat.

Pete Mulligan said...

I've heard that elk are ashamed of their rather large antlers. So much so that if you encounter the large animal, start laughing at him, yelling "big horns, big horns." This will usually make them run away in embarrassment .
And those bobcats are adorable and precious when you see them up close.

alyssa said...

hahaha. Pete, it's comments like those that make diet coke come out of my nose when I laugh and it blows up my spot at work that I'm blogging and not working.


RM said...

you blow coke at work?