Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Water Stop at B10

If anyone feels so inclined, Falls Road has been charged with manning a water stop for the Baltimore 10 Miler, up at Lake Montebello. If you're able to, report up there by 7am, you'll be done by 8:30. Lake Montebello, for those not in the know, is on 33rd, northeast Baltimore.

For those not racing and potentially interested in running about 12 miles, indicate this interest by contacting me so I can keep you in the loop. We'll be running somewhere within the course in some capacity so I can cheer on some of my friends like Stanford, Spears, cousin Emily, Kootman's girlfriend and whomever else might be racing.

And finally I noticed that we have an extra special reason to celebrate on the 4th of Fury - that is the day the Tour de France starts! We'll have some sweet competitions for points and stuff.


RM said...


This is for all you Lady Gaga fans.

This is for all you running fans:


Use this code for the Baltimore Running Festival for a discount. I'm still on the fence about this race, I have a rough outline of what I'm doing this fall but it's not going to be set in stone for a few weeks.

Christine said...

Is the Baltimore 10 miler on Sunday? If yes, I'll volunteer and am interested in doing about 12 miles (90min?)

Jen said...

Sorry kiddo, it's on Saturday.

And yes that is a fat jam.