Monday, June 1, 2009

Two Quick Things

First, I made up a new gmail account. Please continue to use my current BlackBerry address to email me. This is more for the bajillion new emails I get per week asking about our club. It is as apparently baltimorerunning was already taken (I suspect Jim has it). As I drove home today following another super huge turnout at FHR, I saw tons of people running and thought man, we really have an opportunity to develop so many more group runs if only there were a coordinator of such efforts. Then I thought about how I don't want to be that person.

Second, for the dudes that balled out tonight at the run. I came in at 45:57, which was a huge improvement over the previous CR. That means whatever Ed and Ben came in at is the fastest we've run for this loop, which has existed for precisely one summer of running. I would wager we were running no slower than 6:40 at any point and at the end were well under 6, so it could be more like 7.25 miles.


Scott said...

If anyone is interested, we could maybe set up a Thursday Fed Hill Runners? What do you guys think?

Funnyrunner said...

any Harford county runners out there, by any chance in hell?

Ben said...

hey ryan - i wouldn't mind organizing something, it might be an opportunity to start my "fitgroups" idea.

Scott said...

PS. Any sort of group run Thursday would be good. We dont have to do Fed Hill. Ill offer to help organize the start of it if needed. For the summer, I have off every Thursday, so...

Scott said...
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Jen said...

For the summer, I have EVERY day off. Take that Scott!

RM said...

Wow, Scott really really really wants to have a Thursday Fed Hill Runners. Well, you have two options:

1) Organize a group from within our small group here to go run OR

2) I can use the newsletter I already send out to the Fed Hill people (which goes out to 500 people) as a vehicle to organize a secondary Fed Hill run per week.

I kind of like the second idea, although I doubt if I'd ever be able to go.

It would also be a good way to get the girls together for another group run, as they tend to not do a great job of that.

A few things to keep in mind are:

1) Keep it consistent. If you meet at 6:30 the first week, it's got to always be 6:30 from then on. And I would recommend doing 6:30 because it makes it easier to remember (if you're opening to the FHR group, just say).

2) Someone's got to be there to get things going each and every week. This is hard. There are days you just don't want to go, but you have to suck it up. Between myself, Susan and James, one of us always has to be there on Mondays.

I can talk to James and Susan and see what their thoughts are, and we can talk to Fed Hill Fitness and see if they'd support a second run. It's nice/important to have a set starting place like that. I could also talk to my friend at City Sports and we'd most definitely be able to start from there (Harbor East). You could use the opportunity to go towards Canton and Patt Park.

Oh that reminds me, Patterson Park Runners already exists at 6:45 maybe on Thursdays? I mean, we could always lend a hand to help build that run up.

Good discussion, let's keep it rolling

Scott said...

Yeah, patterson park runners is every Tuesday and Thursday night. I dont know anyone who goes. Do you guys? Maybe we could meet at a new location in fed hill on Thursdays? Or maybe Im just being lazy and selfish cause I live in fed hill.

I dont wanna be soley responsible for the Thursday run, as I might have to start working Thursdays in a few months. Maybe we could make it really casual? Just show up same time every Thursday....whether its 2 people or 30.

Also, anyone down for getting some wings next week? Peace.

alyssa said...

"It would also be a good way to get the girls together for another group run, as they tend to not do a great job of that."

OR maybe we do our runs together in secret so you just don't know about it. After all, the W count on the spreadsheet is:
Girls: 24
Dudes: 13

I mean, I'm just saying....

RM said...

I will now point out a few things because Alyssa just angered me.

There are fewer chicks in just about every race that we do, and it just so happens that we possess many of the most competitive girls. Then I will back out the race wins with fewer than 50 people (RASAC mostly, sorry Meg and Christine, ha!).

I know you guys do some sort of secret group training and wouldn't expect to be informed, but I feel like with the 5-ish new girls that we have it would be nice if everyone started getting invited.

Scott, wings are always good. Best places are Kislings - particularly when they have their happy hour pricing, or Stalking Horse on Cross St on Mondays after the run because they are a special as well.

As far as the Thursdays go, yeah I'd say for now just make it this group and see how it goes. You are definitely super selfish by wanting it to be in Fed Hill. Maybe you could rotate. Meet one week in Fed Hill, next week in the Harbor for Ben, next week in Harbor East or something. Who knows.

We can discuss over this weekend's 90210 themed bbq.

Jen said...

Captain Larry's in between Fed Hill and Locust Point on Fort has the best wings around. Not many flavors, but the best original type wings. Trust me, I lived in the promised land.

As for the run, the Fed Hill girls do run together and organize ourselves when we need/want company. New girls are welcome.

Ben said...

one thing i'm not clear on - does scott want another run in fed hill?

RM said...

Ben, yes, that appears to be what Scott wants.

Jen, Capt Larry's wings are okay.

"when we need/want company" - ha! Dudes don't have a choice. It's beat your brains in everyday on our sweet runs.

Scott said...

Ben....doesnt have to be fed hill. Id be happy to come to harbor east. Just looking for more group runs since i can never make it tues, wed, and fri.

Ryan....heard kingsly's is over-rated. What is this about a 90210 cookout? Am I out of the loop?

Jen....didnt know you were from they have like a cajun flavor, thats my favorite

So far, i have been most impressed with Mugsy's...big, meaty wings

Scott said...
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RM said...

1) Kingsley's?? Haha. Kisling's. I bet your snotty Fed Hill friends told you that. You gotta be street to appreciate Kisling's. Been going there since college.

2) Uh-oh, by endorsing Muggsy's you have befriend Jen and a bunch of her teacher friends. They live there like it's the Cheers bar.

3) Jen went to school in Buffalo, hence why she feels she is the queen of buffalo sauce, even though I know she hates hot things.

4) 90210 theme bbq was just recently devised by Brennan and myself. Looks like Friday night at this point. Details to follow. We can also discuss a Thursday night run at that time!

Christine said...

Ryan- what is RASAC?

Christine said...

Nevermind. You were referring to the other Christine

Jen said...

Muggsy's is better than cheers. Not only does everyone know my name, they know my favorite price for drinks...FREE.

Just bc I don't like heat doesn't mean I don't like and appreciate good flavor. There is a fine balance that cause most lesser people to believe heat means it tastes good. If your mouth is burning and your nose is running then you can't taste the actual flavor of the food.

Scott said...

Jen...What the hell are you doing up at 4:46 am? Looked for ya at mugsy's last night, no show

Ryan...I know shes from Buffalo, but when she said she was from the promised land, I assumed she meant TN

Scott said...

After posting that comment, I now realize that the time zone is set to pacific....ha

Jen said...

Scott, next time you go to Muggsy's give me a call. I'll introduce you to the right folks.

TN sucks. Enough said.

cheese said...

You know what Jen, YOU SUCK. Do you honestly think Buffalo is better than Tennessee in any way?

RM said...

Whoa, Cheese made his name Cheese on here? That's pretty freaking awesome.