Thursday, June 25, 2009

Track workout Saturday?

Yes - I know it sounds a little crazy. But, I'm following the Jack Daniels book for my 10 miler coming up in October - and his plan has 2-3 hard workouts per week. It's not crazy hard - just 4X200;2X400;1X800;2X400;4X200 with a rest that equals the previous interval. The intervals should all be at around the same pace regardless of distance. For example, I'm shooting for running the 200's in ~35, 400's in ~70, and the 800 in ~2:20. If you run a 17 min 5k then you would shoot for 37, 75, 2:30.

I'll probably run them on Saturday morning - starting the warmup around 8am at Gilman. Let me know if anyone is interested.


Hollywood said...

Hey Ben - I was planning on doing a track workout Saturday morning as well. 8 am works. I want to get it in before the heat becomes a factor.

Shoot me a text - 443.386.5308 if anything changes.


RM said...

H. Wood

That is funny to me

The H. could stand for Hard

You guys and your track workouts

Hollywood said...

Yeah right, Ryan. I just did another fartlek today. Haven't touched the track in like 2 weeks.

I think the H stands for Holy-smokes-that's-enormous!

Andy G said...

I'm on a different program regulated by Jack Daniels.