Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TNT Impressions

This was definitely a hard workout today, not in the anaerobic/throwup way but rather in the long, grueling way. I like this workout personally (even though I didn't do the whole thing, running legs just aren't back yet). Everyone handled it well and I was pleased with the results. A lot of consistency, especially from Ben, Cheese and Kris. And there's no stopping Matty "Blaze" Jablonski. Kid is unreal.

So my brother emails me today and says he's going to do the workout (NYC version of TNT) and asks me how he should approach it. Keeping in mind this is a long workout for us, who do workouts all the time, I felt it was prudent for him to run more of his half marathon pace. He'll be doing the NYC Half in July and then PDR with us in the fall.

2000: 8:57 (had no idea what I was doing. I felt good doing it, but knew I couldn't hold that pace with the remainder of the workout).
2000: 9:40 (settled into what I was looking for)
2000: 9:38
400: 1:28
400: 1:26
400: 1:25
400: 1:23

Great job Kevin! I'm excited to see what you're going to be able to do at Philly.

For all the rest of you busters, don't forget that next Tuesday we'll be taking a field trip to Meadowood Park. From Falls Road Running Store you continue north on Falls Road, crossing over 695. Just prior to the traffic light at Joppa Rd/Coldspring Station, there is a parking lot on your left and that's the park. We measured it last year to be just a few feet short of a mile on the grass perimeter, and there is an interior paved path that is 0.8 miles. We'll probably do some kind of timed tempo run. This is to pay homage to Terence, who loves the Magic Garden.


Dirty Chewbacca said...

Kris = consistency?
If the definition of consistency hs a picture of a sandbag next to it.

Johnnie Cochran said...

There is a Matt Jablonski who works as an IT intern for the city of Rockville, is this the same person as "blaze?"

RM said...

I doubt it...our Matt Jablonski is only 16 and is a junior in high school!

However I wouldn't be surprised if they were related. Not exactly the most common name.

Jake, are you doing Rockville Twilight?

Terence aka LT said...

Magic Garden? Pencil me in...

Christine said...

Meadowood . . . ewww. See you in two weeks!

Hollywood said...

Perhaps it would be fitting if we all did LSD* at the Magical Garden, since last time I ran so hard I began to hallucinate anyway.

*Long, Slow, Distance

THE KRIS said...

dc's just mad 'cause i run what i say i'm going too...that's right, i'm on to your tricks.