Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picnic Location

We are Picnic Shelter #92.

These are directions to the main gate:

Avalon/Glen Artney/Orange Grove/Lost Lake Areas - From the Beltway (I-695) Take Rt. 1 (Exit 12-A) toward Elkridge. Follow Rt. 1 South about 3 miles to South St. Turn right. Park entrance is on the left.
From I -95 take I-195 to Rt. 1 (Exit 3) toward Elkridge to South St. Turn right. Park entrance is on the left.

From Howard County follow Rt. 1 through Elkridge and into Baltimore County. Turn left onto South St. Park entrance is on the left.

I am going to Sam's Club tomorrow and will get some burger's & dogs, chips, plates, napkins, etc.

Any special requests?


alyssa said...

strippers. i request strippers.

haha sike. But how funny would that be if I sent them out there since i can't attend.

alyssa said...

also it would be sweet if you could get strippers at Sam's Club. They'd come in bulk!

fbg said...

There probably is a strip joint somewhere owned by a guy named Sam. What better name for the place could there be, if you're looking for more to love?

THE KRIS said...

i don't think strippers have a shelf-life conducive to bulk purchasing.

Collin said...

Who is dirty chewbacca?

Dirty Chewbacca said...

You are asking the wrong questions.

1. What is Dirty Chewbacca?

2. Should I already know this Dirty Chewy?

3. Does it know who I am?

4. Does any of it really matter?

RM said...

5. Who ISN'T Dirty Chewbacca

The answer doesn't lie lies without

Alyssa, the comment about strippers and bulk(y things) made me think of a bunch of gross tranny strippers.

THE KRIS said...

yeah, ryan only likes the hot tranny strippers.