Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post Boston fun

Yes - I know, it's probably a little early to start thinking about after Boston - but, I need something that I'll look forward to regardless of how I run on Monday. On Saturday the 25th is the City Paper Brew Fest in Fells Point. Apparently tickets sold out last year - so, buy them now (I already did).


RM said...

Oh yeah, I meant to figure something out for a post-Boston party. I was originally thinking of Saturday night so Alex could hang out after his bike race.

For me, that Saturday will be spent on my bike as well, but it's possible that in the afternoon I could swing down - although I wouldn't buy a ticket.

Pete Mulligan said...

Fells Point Brew Fest...Rut Roh!
It's not bad, but basically it amounts to every 'brewer' having a little table and you walking up getting samples of their beer. Then the vendors were somewhat irked if you didn't buy a six-pack. The samples were small 6oz cups. Maybe they changed it but last year they ran out of beer around 1pm.
OK, so you now know how I feel about that event.

RM said...

Well shoot, looks like Ben will just have to speed up his getting drunk/passing out on a couch Saturday!