Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get That Money

Some early results from today's racing action:

Howard County Life Festival 1/2 Marathon

1. Kip 1:12:xx
2. Kyle 1:14:xx

Making that paper! Way to go guys, I can't imagine how tough that race must have been, given the heat and the course.

Port to Fort 6k

1. Elijah
2. T. Baptiste

1. Dr. J (first road race W!)
2. Diane

Terence came up on Elijah, even owning the lead briefly before relinquishing it right toward the end, but he gave it a go and it was awesome to watch. Bobby Van Allen also returned to racing, and Jim was there too.

Pike's Peek 10k

Collin Anderson, 35:29

Great job everyone, it's a dope day out so enjoy it! A decision on Purple Drink Athlete of the Week will be made later.


Collin said...

I guess I can't expect 3 good races in 1 month...

scotty doesn't know said...

patty, guinness, and i were out watchin kip and kyle

it was so hot out even early and columbia is always a punishin matter what the race

but nice work boys!

THE KRIS said...

that's a great day right there, way to rep.