Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adventure Time

Well since Boston will entail a post of its own, I'll give some special shoutouts to race performances ahead of the big day tomorrow...

Alyssa took 5th at the Bull Run 50 Miler. Great job on a hot day!

Some good performances at the Victim's Fund Run 5k in Patterson Park, with Kyle taking 2nd, Saki taking 3rd and Kris Simms in his first race in MONTHS it seems, placing 6th in 17:31. Cynthia also ran and finished 4th for women.

Today was the Blue Jay 5k, where Joel Hollywood Brusewitz showed he made some serious improvements since March 15, finishing 3rd in 17:13 apparently! And Cynthia raced AGAIN, taking 13th in 22:49. Great job!

There were also a few other performances to recognize from people we know - Lauren Muldoon (Kootman's girlfriend), apparently WON the Stop the Silence 5k in DC today in 20:40, and Jen's roommates Colin and Carly raced to fast times at the Blue Jay race. My brother also ran the 6.1 mile leg of his marathon relay in just over 42 minutes, which is absurd and I almost don't believe it cause it's so fast.

Great job everyone, but sorry none of you will be taking home this week's PDAW - that honor will be determined by about 1:30pm tomorrow. Care to guess who will earn it? Follow the results online and make some guesses!

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