Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pub Run Saturday

I hope that many of you are planning on running the little event on Saturday morning. I know it's early, but really, it's St. Patrick's Day, go hard or go home. If you're not prepared to be all day strong, all day long (like Aleve) then clearly it's not your holiday.

That said, the run starts at 8am from Slainte in Fells Point. You do need to be registered, which you can do online at or on Saturday. My current plan is to run down from my house and do the run. It is at minimum, 5.75 miles. It can, however, be longer, depending on the route you choose. You do NOT need to drink a beer at each stop.

Following the run you can enjoy your Guinness and post-race at Slainte. Then the party will spill over towards Fed Hill, where Zero is hosting the St. Ides of March event. You should let him know if you plan on attending, and find out what you should bring.

So plan on being on Thames Street on Saturday by no later than 7:45, and don't consider this a race - this is a fun event that will enable us to run around town at a leisurely pace doing what we do best: having fun.

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