Friday, March 20, 2009

Long Run in DC?

I'm planning doing like 23 miles some point this weekend and wanted to know if anyone was going to DC to watch Brennan and maybe wanted to run part of the course. Or if there were any long runs planned for Sunday that would work too.


RM said...

23 miles over the course of the weekend or in one run?


I was actually going to post a good luck note to Brennan, Ben and Lee, who are competing in the full/half/half.

I was going to do 18-20 one of the days, so if I can do it tomorrow, I'd rather do that. Depends on where I start, but I am trying to watch the race in the following spots:

M3: see Ben go through, run to mile 6
M6: watch Brennan go by, cross U street to mile 9.25
M9: run to mile 10, and then head straight to Capitol and then E. Capitol or Maryland Ave
M13: try to see Ben finish, might miss him but then pick up Brennan from 16-17
M17: go back up the mall, cut across to mile 22
M22: run back to the finish and see Bren come in

So as I pieced it together it was about 14, and was thinking I could run 5 or 6 before getting to mile 3 to watch.

Minimum will be 14 tomorrow, so if that's all I did, I would then have to do a "long run" on Sunday, and that would have to be unfortunately early so I could get on the bike (62 degrees on Sunday) for at least a little bit prior to tip-offs.

So let me know Z, I'm gonna go down to Silver Spring with Arjun tonight and stay there.

///MM said...

I'm going to do some speed work tonight (like 8 x 800 plus a tempo) and then either have an easy day Saturday just criss-crossing DC and put in the 23 on Sunday early with an easy hour or so on the bike OR try to get 23 in around DC tomorrow and spend Sunday mostly on the bike and just put like 4-6 on my feet. With the proximity to Boston I'm leaning towards the former. How early is "early" on Sunday for your 20?

RM said...

I'm guessing games tip off around noon or 1 on Sunday, so if I was running 2.5 hours I'd want to start no later than 7:30.

However, I will be running regardless on Sunday, and it'll be in the morning either way. Might be an easy 13-14 if I can run long tomorrow.