Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm a MC

I move the crowds like Moses...

It's actually a line from Lil Wayne's verse on a Luda cut, but it's also apropos since I am, in fact, a "mick" cause I'm Irish and my last name starts with Mc. Get it?

Whatever, snow is making me crazy.

Couple of results to announce - most notably Ben's awesome performance at B&A Trail Marathon, which was intended to be a 24 mile long run (according to his training plan) but he figured what the heck, may as well make it 2.2 more and run this race. The crew of Brennan, Tim, Stanford and ultimately Zero comprised a fun little training run gruppeto that helped Ben run some amazing splits en route to a 6th place finish and 2:52:50 marathon. Crazy. This, coupled with his 110 mile, highest mileage ever week earned him this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

Let's keep the good times rolling this weekend as we have a few more super endurance runners doing a 50k. Last fall was the fall of marathons, and it looks like we've spilled over into the extended-winter/will spring ever come of marathons - some big things poppin in the weeks to come!

Hopefully this snow will disappear in a timely fashion, but I'm sure it won't be going anywhere before our evening run, so just be careful out there.

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