Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Especially at this juncture in the year/season it is important to remember why we do what we do, and how we grow as individuals and also as a team.

Nobody is out here setting the world ablaze with record times, yet we still do it.

Nobody is making a living off of the sport (at least I don't think so), yet we still do it.

It rains, it snows, it sleets, it's cold, it's dark, we're hurt, we're tired, yet we still do it.

So if you ever have to ask yourself why you still do it, I hope you contemplate this article by professional cyclist Will Frischkorn and become appreciative of those around you who have supported you in your endeavours this year. It's not just about being forced to run with one another, or seeing your running partners as just that - but rather enjoying the time you get to spend with friends who offer a unique perspective on shit.

As we enter the most wonderful time of the year, let's remember to celebrate all the things that make me us awesome. Don't forget about the wonderful Festivus celebration at Alex's on Saturday the 13th, or about Awards Night 2k8 which is sure to be super fun, and then for the revamped Baltimore Runner's Party on Monday, December 15th at Stalking Horse in Fed Hill for some 35-cent wings and $2 Bud Lights.

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