Monday, December 22, 2008


I spoke to Jim today - for those of you who may have tried to sign up for USATF membership and looked for Falls Rd as a team/club, you will be able to do so after 1/1. The reason for this is that USATF, in their infinite wisdom, decides they will base membership on calendar years. For instance, if we re-registered today, it would be good for, oh, another 9 days.

If you have recently renewed your USATF membership or are going to get it done, you may want to wait until next week. I can't remember the rules for individual memberships, but I feel it's the same.

I'll send a reminder next week but wanted to keep you posted - there isn't much of a rush because the race doesn't sell out and is open to all, so you've got time.


Terence aka LT said...

I have a question sir Ryan: I recently registered for USATF under my club in NY. Do I have to register under Falls Rd seperatly?

Oh, and Happy Kwanzaa to you too. :-)

RM said...

Hmm, good question. Maybe I can email them to find out. I feel like it might not be a huge deal, but you can never tell with governing bodies.

I know that I can designate athletes onto teams, so it might not matter.

Rebs said...

I registed for USATF last year in like October as an individual and it was only valid until Dec 31st so yeah, don't do it till 1/1.