Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Results

You can all see the results on the right hand side, but there were some pretty good performances to note from the extended weekend:

CHS Turkey Trot 5k XC: Tom Stott took 5th at this race in 19:23

Turkey Trot at Prospect Park 5M: Terence held it down; 17th out of like 2000 people in a 28:59 - really solid 5 mile time this time of year.

Pequot Thanksgiving Day 5M: Kyle ran an unbelievable 24:35, really impressive, taking 2nd to an Olympian apparently. That's smoking for 5 miles!

Laurel Turkey Trot 5k: The Feldhausen family swept the top spots at this race, with Brennan running an excellent 17:08. Due to mismarked miles, he thought he was running 5:45 pace and with a mile to go shut it down - until he realized the end was near. Easily could have gone under 17. Oh, and Thursday was his birthday, so it was a pretty good day for Bren.

NCR Trail Marathon: Collin Anderson ran his I don't even know what number marathon of the year, and went a solid 3:00:44 for 19th, while Doug Ripley made a spectacular rebound from his injury to go 3:08! I heard David Ploskonka ran too, but as everyone knows we don't except bandited results as officials - regardless, good job buddy.

Purple Drink Athlete of the Week goes to Brennan, for getting his first W of the season, ON his birthday and in a really great time, and also for his efforts recently with supporting the marathon season.

Also, some happy happy's are in order for the following people this week, and I'll just shout them all out in this post:

Becky Parks (today!), Doug Ripley, Chris Nowakowski and Diane Heiser!

Congratulations, you're all winners.

And some small reminders here about the following:

Awards Night is going to be on Tuesday, December 16th, at Falls Road. I say we do it at 7, that way we can be done by 8 and maybe take one last Tuesday night trip down to Chipotle or something.

Celtic Solstice, for those who are running, is Saturday, December 20th. If you aren't running and happen to be around, please consider giving some time in the morning to volunteer. It's a big race and Jim can use all the help he can get. And if you ARE running, you can also help out (I'll get there early, help out and then run).


Christine said...

Also in Action this past weekend: Diane Heiser 7th in the Troy, NY Turkey Trot with a time of 19:16!

RM said...

Whoa, holy crap! That's a smoking time, thanks Chrissie for letting us know!

Claire said...

Troy, NY: Home of my alma matter, dear old RPI. Can't say I ever had those kinds of results at that turkey trot I'm sure she picked her pace up when they crossed over into the ghetto. Nothing like walking around Troy at night to make you feel safe in the streets of Baltimore. Of all the turkey trots I thought I might see posted I never thought I would see the Troy Turkey Trot. Takes me back.