Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thanks all around

as a recap of the year, i can say that i didn't do several things i was hoping to do, but i did at least one thing i thought i might never do. i guess we'll call it a draw.

i just wanted to take a second to thank a few people (read: everyone i can think of, and i'm sorry for the people i miss... i appreciate them too) for the help they've given me this year. i know that most of you understand, and appreciate that whatever we may accomplish, it is always a group effort.

just so we're clear, IT'S A GROUP EFFORT.

that said, i want to say thank you to alex, brennan, joel, tim, several matts, and zero, for the obvious. spence, for the early year work outs. also, arjun, ben, and pb for being a step above and never acting like it. to matt,and prada for getting down with the long, cold runs. to kip for coming out on the sad, dark thursdays. to alyssa, melissa, jen and claire, for being sweet,SWEET, and all-around awesome... or awes... either way. to justin and t, for being erratic, but great on the track. to ryan for being himself... if you don't know why that's helpful... well, i can't help you.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that i appreciate the fact of this group, what it's about, how it's helped me, and how it rolls.

thanks to all of you.

also, don't get big heads.

you really aren't that impressive.

no, for serious.

the k.


scotty doesn't know said...

thanks for brunch - not only was the food delicious, but it was nice to have a spot to convene (w/o 2000 other runners around you), warm up, and hang for a bit

please pass the thanks to donna!

THE KRIS said...

... and mr. stott for the foam roller which is doing the trick.

Terence aka LT said...

KRIS... You and Donna are the greatest, coolest, Flyest kats I kno North of Druid Hill Park. Thanks for hosting my very first BBQ at your crib... Your WHOLE brother. T