Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Long Run this weekend

Date/Time: I know quite a few people are running Celtic Solstice on Saturday - so, it will be Sunday. 9:00am?

Place: Loch Raven - I've never run with the group there and everyone knows there are ankle gremlins at Patapsco. Let's start at Loch Raven High School located at Cromwell Bridge Rd. & Cowpens Ave. - just north of 695. Tell me your planned distance and I'll put together a route.


THE KRIS said...

sounds good. i'd be looking to do 18 or so.

RM said...

holy fucking shit - you guys and your insane miles already are killing me!

as a result of you guys looking to do too much i will not be there

THE KRIS said...

i'm fairly certain that somebody will be looking to do 1.5 hrs or so.

Christine said...

I'm probably going to do 75-90 minutes Sunday, so if there's a group interested in going shorter, I would consider joining you at Loch Raven