Saturday, November 8, 2008


Roads are a little damp but it looks like the sun is trying to dry them up for us.

Just a few safety reminders - normally I don't care if we wear helmets but since we're heading to the open roads in the afternoon and have about 10 miles of riding, try and bring a helmet. Also, make sure your tires are filled and bike is operable. Might want to wear a light jacket or have some warmer clothes with you. If you have any sort of light, bring that.

Bring some cash as well.

I plan on being at the Light Rail a little before 2. It is probably 30 minutes to get up to Mt. Wash on the LR so hope to get there around 2:30. Stay there for a bit, then it's probably 15 minutes of riding to Rockets to Venus in Hampden.

If you have questions, texts are better than calling.

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