Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Future

Well, I couldn't quite take a whole week off. It was too boring. I ran two miles on Thursday and then four today for a whopping 6 miles this week!

Next week I will be begin a five week recovery phase. This should allow me to capitalize off all the miles I put in this summer and be ready to train consistently over the winter. The weeks go as such: 16, 32, 40, 46, 50 miles. After that I will begin a base mileage cycle aiming to peak out around 90 miles a week before spring.

What is the goal of all this? I am not definte, but here is my idea. I want to run 3-4 high quality road races from 10k-10miles from may to August, including Broad Street. After that I would taper for a championship quality fall half marathon such as Philly Distance Run. No marathon planned for 2009 right now.

Here are some goals:

Sub 33:00 10K
Sub 55:00 10 mile
Sub 1:14:00 Half

Anyone know of any other races that would fit the bill?

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RM said...

Jake, sorry I missed your call yesterday. I'll hit you back today to chat, but here's a rough idea of some sickly competitive races up and down the east coast you might want to target:

5/3: Broad Street
7/4: Peachtree 10k (you could visit Phil)
7/11 or 7/12: Boilermaker 15k (Utica, NY)
8/9ish: Falmouth Road Race (MA)
Labor Day: Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half (very fast); CVS Downtown 5k (Providence, RI)
9/20: Philly Distance Run (there is none better)

But as you know it doesn't always matter which race is biggest or fastest, it's about getting into the right race for you. Of course, with specific time goals it certainly helps to be in a race where you know you can do that without having to run it solo. If you were looking out to next November, one of the best races I can think of is Old Reliable 10k in Raleigh. Routinely gets a lot of ex-UNC/NCST/DUKE/WAKE runners who live in the Triangle and usually has a bunch of dudes around 30 or under without any foreign talent.