Monday, October 27, 2008

Spence Drops a 3:01!!

So our boy Spence, who as many of you know moved to California earlier this year to pursue an advanced degree at Stanford, emails me today and says he did a marathon this weekend as well. He informs me that he ran a 3:01:18, which, besides being baller, means that he will be joining the armada squadron heading to Boston in the spring. I'm pretty psyched about it, because I knew he was capable of pulling something like this out. Apparently his new running group must be pretty good. But they definitely are not as fun as we are (at least I hope).

Since I had very little information to go on, I first had to find out which marathon Spence did. I accomplished this by googling "marathons in California on October 26 2008." This search brought up a few, and I figured it was probably the Silicon Valley Marathon in San Jose (he did actually tell me he was doing that a while ago). Then I had to search by last name because I knew Spence's real first name is not Spence, but rather starts with a W (based on his old email address). What came up was:

William Green 9th place overall 3:01:29 gun time 3:01:18 net time

Congrats Spence! How much of a PR is this I wonder? Hope you're doing well, see you in April!


THE KRIS said...

spence! that's awesome.

of course i chalk this up to mile repeats back in the spring, but i'm sure you did some of the work too.

Arjun Majumdar said...

Nice job Spence. We knew you were in great shape when you left, it good to see that its paying off.