Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HOF3 Date Change?

I have a request to move the date of HOF3: Executive Fury from 11/8 to 11/15. Is there anyone that has an issue with this?

I personally have a conflict but might be able to meet up for one or two at some point.

Also, I am having a bit of difficulty finding information on this xc meet preview that is allegedly being held that day, so I've got to contact a few people and find out if it's really happening. If it's NOT happening, there is a crappy Charm City race up in White Marsh that is part road/part xc, but race entry is $35. However it would be a good opp for someone to sneak a W, assuming some Charm City douchebags don't show up.

Additionally, I need to get a hold of Jim and find out if there are any Metro Harriers meets.


THE KRIS said...

i have a conflict with the 15th, but change it if you have to. i may or may not make the xc meet, but will prob not be able to make anything that night.

gladfelter said...

On the 15th I'm at a wedding. I should be back by 9-ish or so though.

I don't even have a lock for my bike, or have even gotten it from my old roomates place when I moved out last december, so those are likely first steps anyway.

Ben said...

i'm out of town that weekend too.

on a completely unrelated subject - I have access to a limited number of comp symphony tickets for this friday. Kip is already going - anybody is welcome - first come first serve. Unfortunately, Kendra won't be VOG (voice of god), but she will be MOD (mgr on duty). So, you can see i'm telling the truth when i say she's always working on the wkd.

Alyssa said...

15th is not as bueno for alyssatard either....places to go, people to see, races to rest up for.

RM said...

Alright maybe we'll hold a split version of this one. Old people vs young people. Fortunately I fall into the old people category. Old peeps can go 11/8.

Either way, if you are ready for it, we (Arj, Bren, Kip, Aly and I) devised the sickest HOF plan of all time....mwaahhhahahah

Christine said...

1) I also would not be able to attend HOF3 on Nov.15.

2) Are you looking for races on 11/8 or 11/15?

I am doing a 5 mile race in York, PA 11/8 (saturday)

RM said...

Alright, so majority rules and HOF3 will continue as is on 11/8. We will come up with the next date as soon as poss. You will all find this time's schedule pretty ridic.

Chrissie, not trying to race on the 8th, only trying to race on the 15th if we're able to do the XC meet. OR we've got an email into the metro harriers people to see if they're got any meets.

Ben said...

the harriers have their events up on the washington running report calendar. looks like there is a race on 11/15 at patterson park.