Monday, October 13, 2008

Baltimore Results

You can all see your times listed on the right (alphabetically, not chronologically). Relay results were not posted yet, but I do have fairly accurate times for some of you on my index cards.

It was awesome to see so many familiar faces, and for those of us "in the stands," the ability to cheer you on in so many spots is great. Here are a few of my highlights, as stated in the email from this morning.

Women's Marathon: Denise was steady Betty up there, rolling as even of splits as you can have on that course. As a result she finished 11th female in an awesome time of 2:56:22. This is a few minutes faster than her National Marathon time from earlier in the year. She then surprised us all by showing up at the afterparty! Chrissie came through 6 miles just chillin', smiling, you know. Same at 13. Apparently that was where she summoned Thor's hammer and dropped it like it was literally hot. She came through the half marathon in about 1:35. She then ran the 2nd half (the harder half) in sub 1:24 to finish at 2:58:38 for 12th. Rounding out the 11-12-13 sweep was Lee DiPietro, who looked awesome everytime we saw her, and her time of 3:02:16 was a few minutes faster than her Boston time from earlier this year.

Men's Marathon: Kyle and Dave were among the frontrunners early in the race, but the conditions proved tough and we know that the slightest chink in one's armor (hey, who said chink) can make for a long day. Kyle showed some fortitude, finishing the race in 2:37, while Spider, fresh off a couple long races/trips to a multitude of time zones, finished in 2:39. Barfolomew J. Gladfelter was really the star of the day. Not only did he qualify for Boston, but he ran a PR (3:08:47) and this is all on very little time spent training. He was 15 minutes faster than he was at Boston this year, and for all these reasons, he is our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week. Collin Anderson also ran well, and Dave Ploskonka slowed up after the half in preparation for the next day's Steamtown Marathon, which he ran in 3:03. Two marathons in two days. Crazy.

Women's Half: Phebe took 3rd in a very solid time, while we also had the Ice Princess, Anastasia, somewhere out there (I apparently missed her come through) in 1:32, and Christine Trzcsinksi in 1:34. Eve Sweeney (racing as Sara Spears) and Emily ran together for a while before splitting up, both running very well.

Men's Half: Ben was a menace 2 society, running 4thM/5thOA in 1:14:44. More importantly he was the first caucasoid. Old Man Berardi seems to be coming off his hamstring injury well, running a solid 1:19. Tim Parker (racing as Matt Stanford) was next up, followed by Zero and then Mellow.

Relays: We held it down, what can I say? Team Falls Road, which competed in the corporate division, was the 1st place overall team and 1st corporate (obvi). Solid legs were run by all the teammates, and it was enjoyable to watch them beat the Under Armour team which featured 2 pretty sick guys (Ian Dickinson and Sean Sharpe) and a formidable female runner (Cori Koch). Since UA was in the corporate division, our other team of MGP, Dr. J and Alan and Peter Bolton ran an awesome 2:38 for the mixed win. Finally, our all girls team of Shorties On The Left was also a winner in its division. Poor Tom Stott had to run two legs after a runner on another team dropped out, so he looked pretty beat up by the end.

It was a gorgeous day for spectators, quite warm with little wind and strong sun. Unfortunately not an ideal day for many racers. Yesterday was also quite warm, which I appreciated en route to my Terp Trot victory (finally sealing up a W for the year).

We have a quite weekend coming up, I'm sure a lot of you will be taking this week pretty easy, and then it's on to MCM. For everyone who is around, we'll head down to DC to cheer on our squad on Sunday the 26th.


gladfelter said...

Thanks for ALL the help out there, the crowd was amazing! And they way we had our relays and the delayed start for the half marathon, I was able to get a bit of motivation from almost our whole crew. I ran as even an effort as I ever have during a marathon - avg pace 7:10, and 75% of the miles were between 6:50 and 7:30

2-7:06 (14:42)
3-7:06 (21:49)
4-6:56 (28:45)
5-6:50 (35:36)
6-6:28 (42:04)
7-6:45 (48:50)
8-6:57 (55:47)
9-7:05 (1:02:52)
10-7:00 (1:09:53)
11-7:00 (1:16:53)
12-7:01 (1:23:54)
13-6:38 (1:30:33)
13.1-:43 (1:31:17) Half
14-6:08 (6:51) (1:37:26)
15-7:09 (1:44:36)
16-7:24 (1:52:00)
17-7:31 (1:59:31)
18-7:32 (2:07:03)
19-7:39 (2:14:43)
20-7:28 (2:22:11)
21-7:28 (2:29:40)
22-7:35 (2:37:15)
23-7:35 (2:44:51)
24-7:17 (2:52:08)
25-7:56 (3:00:05)
26-7:21 (3:07:26)
26.2-1:20 (3:08:47)


RM said...

Barf, you exemplified the ideal behind DBAP. You had a million reasons to have had concern over racing after not being as "prepared" as you normally like - but you went out and made the best of it, didn't think as much as you normally do, and were rewarded.

BTW, what was up with those outlier miles, 6 and 13? Interesting how those are your fastest miles and coincide with the relay exchanges. You must have gotten excited when you saw the RAVENS cheerleader team.

gladfelter said...

I blew a Ravens cheerleader a kiss at the finish line, but never saw them during the race? Exchange zones 1 and 2 were SICK! The crowd was intense, but cruising through the half way portion after your pep talk was a runner high in itself. It was like a movie.

The delayed half marathon start is awesome for everyone - gives full runners a cheering squad, and gives the half runners blood to catch late in their race. Zone 3 was a blurr at mile 19, the uphill, the temps, the sun. Harford Road and Hillen Road hills just before mile 20 were brutal, but knowing I was on pace to re-qualify kept my pace alive. At mile 20 I felt as good as I ever have at that point, and I was able to pick off a number of marathoners down the stretch.

Then the half runners started to mow me down, but that was okay because they offered a minor draft.

Mile 25 was really hard, uphill with the Howard Street Bridge, and concrete, and the sun was pouring. After hitting a 3hr flat with 1.2 to go I only thought of being on Gilman track and the hard work over the summer during the hot months. That, and the smell of piss by the Lexington Market pushed me to a PR.

Alyssa said...

Ahem, I think Barf probab got excited at the relay exchanges because of the Shorties on Your Left and not so much the cameltoed (camtoe?) cheerleaders.

RM said...

"That, and the smell of piss by the Lexington Market pushed me to a PR"


gladfelter said...

That was gross. It was also evident on Paca Street in the first Mile.

Dude, btw, great job taking a W at Terp Trot!!! Didn't you run that same time last year? TTWSS took care of business this weekend.

RM said...

Thanks dude, I was actually 8 seconds faster than last year. Here are my progression of times over the last few years:

2002: 17:10 (1st)
2005: 17:54 (10th)
2006: 17:33 (1st)
2007: 17:26 (2nd)
2008: 17:18 (1st)

Alex said...

I know I skipped out on cheering duties but I am really proud of this team! I love seeing everyone have such solid performances.

Philly should be just as ill.


gladfelter said...

Just remember your Start/Select secret weapon for Marine Corp / NYC / Philly to become big Mario