Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baltimore Marathon Relay Tune Up!!!

Hey Crew,

Me and my relay team is going to have a 6mile race around Druid Hill lake (4 loops) Sunday at 8am. This will be like a tune-up for the Baltimore Marathon Relay, get the cob webs out. Holla at me if you wanna get down!!! T. Rowe Price has been invited to participate in an exclusive Dragon Boat Championship in Philly Sat. were racing against teams from Taiwan. Will M&T be there? :)

JOIN ME SUNDAY FOR 6MILES OF FUN!!! 646-773-3667 send me a txt! we dont talk on the phone, we meaning us!



Alyssa said...

Only T could make a post sound like one of those sketchy phone commercials..."text 6422 for 6 miles of fun!!!"

After you people are done getting said cob webs out, feel free to come by my house afterwards. We (meaning us) are having another Ravens Sunday Funday. I think most people are on facebook and know the deal...if you don't, then it's poss we don't know each other and it may be a bit awk (but still awes) if you show up, or you are married or have a kid and probably won't come get crazy on a Sunday anyway.

Jen said...

Does it make me old or just slow that it takes me a second or two to actually understand what you say when you use such abbreviations?

Terence aka LT said...

My fav is when she says "awk" I love It!!!

Alyssa said...

Dear's prob just some slowness since the accident. You'll be back on your A-game in no time.

THE KRIS said...

dear a,

don't you mean "acci"?

the k.

Alyssa said...