Monday, September 8, 2008

Tropic Thunder

While I did see this movie last week and thought it was unbelievable, also unbelievable was having to compete for the 2nd time this season in an absolute monsoon during a triathlon. I was not very pleased with that. In fact, I realized that the best weather I've had in any race this year was Columbia. Go figure.

Chrissie ran a great 5k on Friday night in PA. We should look into doing this race next year, very fast, and a Friday night race which is quasi-awesome. Wish Chrissie had let us know she was doing this one, would have been nice to do without having Bay Cafe!

Brian Godsey and Mike Prada held it down at Police Pace on Sunday, with the most unreal weather of the year. I just watched. Brian's victory celebration was awesome, and I was pleased to see Mike get under 17 on what is not a particularly fast course.

David Ploskonka took part in the Blue Ridge Relay this weekend, not sure of the details but I know he had to run a few legs, so yet another hardcore race for DP.

Alyssa took 3rd female and lowered her Olympic Distance time yet again at the Lancaster Triathlon, which earns her the distinction of this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week. She followed this performance up with an impressive binge drinking performance yesterday.

As you also probably saw in my email, I'm likely going to be late to track tomorrow, which, due to my knee, I am not sure I can run anyway. I hope to be there by 7, but it'll be close. I'll be there regardless, but you guys can get started on your own. If you don't like the suggested workout, just discuss amongst yourselves.

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