Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some Things

first off, a pic of alex and t slowin' they roll...

From Labor Day '08

second, congrats to travis. he's always had the endurance, now he's proven the speed. i just got dropped to third on the marine corp depth chart.

third, i'm planning on a long run/ marathon pace workout this weekend and am hoping that somebody wants to join me. what i'm thinking is 8-10 miles easy, followed by 8-10 at marathon pace (shich i'm boldly predicting to be 6:20-6:30). i was looking to do 18 or so miles total, and can do it on saturday or sunday (that's what she said). anyone? travis, i'm looking at you.

and fourth, i would like to run from the store tomorrow (wed), if anyone is interested. if not, i'll just run from my place. so, as the kids say, holler.

the k.


RM said...

Kris - won't be running tonight, but I may be interested in your long run if the following rules apply:

1) I could only do Sunday
2) My knee needs to be better by Friday
3) For some reason we don't do the Police Pace 5k

So basically, don't count on me, but if you happen to make plans and I can make it, I'm in.

And VPILF, really? She's not that hot.

Alyssa said...

If I have the right person....She looks like Tina Fey. Everyone prob has better odds with her 17 year old daughter, anyway.

THE KRIS said...

which past vp candidate would you rather do? i'm guessing mondale.

Alyssa said...

haha, please. Edwards is my jam. Obvi.

THE KRIS said...

maybe he's ryans "jam" as well.

Alyssa said...

i don't get it? But I am happy to see we have the same productivity levels at work.

Travis said...

OK, I am planning on doing a long run on the NCR with some people Sat Morning. If you want to do some or all please let me know. It woul be helpful to have a few more people. Kris, be happy to run tempo Fri or Sun if I have anything left. Let me know what you decide.

PS I found out about another group doing fast workouts Mon and Wed in Howard County. Let me know if you want info. These guys are faster than our group. Ryan will have to deal with that in his own way.

RM said...

1) Shut the FUCK up

2) Never disrespect our team again

3) No shit, it's the Howard County Striders, who have a base of, oh, about 2000 people with no lives because they live in the county. I GUARANTEE they do not have as much fun as we do. And they are only marginally faster than we are, and since you've never been to a Tuesday workout, you have no idea how fast any of us is. You just see us tired on Fridays and the occasional weekend run.

4) I'm not mad at you, I'm just poking fun because that was probably the reaction you had hoped for. But seriously, these guys aren't that much faster. And I promise you on the track they are not faster than our current foursome of Kip, Ben, Kyle and Arjun.

5) CLUB CHALLENGE 09 - all you pussies better be ready, we need to hand HOCO their asses.

THE KRIS said...

crap, i thought we didn't have to do that race.

Arjun Majumdar said...

With the way Ben ran that last workout HOCO better watch out.

THE KRIS said...

travis, i may join you on saturday if i can. what time are you running? maybe i can do half with you guys then turn around and head back by myself. if i can't make it on saturday, i'll be on the ncr trail sunday morning.