Friday, September 5, 2008

Non-running weekend plans (and some running ones)

Hello Baltimorons... I'd like to make another public service announcement.

You've probably heard rumors in the tabloids and entertainment-trash-TV shows that I may make another appearance in Baltimore this weekend. These rumors are true. I will arrive at BWI at approximately 7:20pm on my private AirTran jet with a hundred and fifty of my good friends. I'll then be chauffeured to my accommodations for the night (address not to be disclosed) in Fed Hill, and I will walk (by foot) with friends to some sort of eating establishment at 8pm. Beverages may be consumed, and all of you are welcome to, should you have the desire, blow up my celly by pressing the buttons 5, 1, and 3, followed by 2, 0, and 6, and then ending with the finishing combination of 0-8-3-2.

Running plans for Sunday, whether it's a 5k jaunt with the Po-po in Columbia or a more extensive session somewhere else, are undecided. We'll have to see how everything goes. Later that day, I'll be hanging out somewhere with somebody... I got an insider tip on an underground Mario Kart party that I'm thinking about crashing.

So, if you've got some time to hang, let me know. At about 9pm on Sunday, it'll be too late. Hope to see you all.

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Alyssa said...

B to the rian - perhaps you won't get this but I have some friends in town for the festivities tomorrow and we will probably go out so if you want to meet up, holler at four one zero, five 6 two, 7 four zero 5. Or if you have any issues with your flight or your ride falls through feel free to give me a call.