Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Andy

Happy birthday to our good buddy Andy Gell. Hope he's enjoying his day teaching the youth of SoCal.

Weekend results seemed a little light, but some really solid performances at the NCR 20 Miler. Spider pulled another 2nd place behind Mike Wardian, averaging 5:51 for the race. It was about a minute faster than he ran last year, so I'd say he's in pretty good form. Race of the day belongs to Travicon, who dropped 9 minutes from his time last year and averaged 6:19. Trav - that's sick dude, I project your MCM time to be 2:44.

Of course, our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Justin and Allison's 4 year old, Riley, who competed in a youth triathlon. The sheer hilarity of this race must have been second to none. The pictures Justin sent are pretty big, so I won't post them on here.

What was up with nobody at FHR last night? You guys are wack. Kris, Patrick, Mellow, Alyssa, heck, even Bobby Van Allen was there - we all ran together, Shady 7. It was a nice evening run. See you all at track tonight!


Jen said...

No offense to FHR, but the beach is way better.

RM said...

No offense to Jen, but I, too, was at the beach. I am just better than everyone else that I was able to run in the morning, go to the beach, visit a friend in PA for his birthday and make it to Fed Hill. It's sometimes amazing all that I can accomplish.

Besides, running was at 6:30!

Jen said...

Yes and at 6:30 I was still turning into a black girl on the beach. It was worth it, even though I'm being punished for it with rotten little children today.

RM said...

The sun stops working after 2...ha