Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Go Oooooo's!

Alright so I purchased the MASN $1 tickets today for the following games:

Wednesday, September 10 vs Cleveland (2)
Friday, September 12 vs Minnesota (2)
Monday, September 22 vs Tampa Bay (2)
Friday, September 26 vs Toronto (8)

There were convenience charges of $0.50 per ticket for Wednesday and Monday's games, the other two had none. I am picking up at Will Call.

So I'll have an extra ticket for each of the three games and then a few extra for the Blue Jays, that's the weekend of Bull Run/Birthday Party.

Is it raining there today? It just stopped in NJ, but it was pouring most of the day. Hopefully you guys can keep the Track workout tonight, if for some reason you have to postpone, please try and post/email/text so people are aware. Thanks!

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Alyssa said...

It rained a lot earlier but as of 345 my weather report is overcast, no wind, chance of rain in the evening but overall dece weather for a track workout.