Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Party Results

This just in, where to begin? Grin and bear it, it's bearing grim...

I can say with about 50% certainty that Saturday was a pretty banging party. It was unfortunate that our cross country race was canceled, because I was really looking forward to that. It has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 11th, but by going to it, you will undoubtedly miss the end of the Baltimore Half/Full races.

So I'm sure by now everyone has had a chance to catch up with the weekend results, obviously there was the TerriBelAir (get it, like terrible + Bel Air) mile, solid performances by Jake and Kyle, and then a win and close to a course record for Alyssa Godesky at the 100k (longest she's ever run), which earned her the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week.

Today looks like it should be pretty nice for our workout, which is going to be 4x1600 with 2:30 rest. The efforts should be between 5k and 10k pace, so my goal is going to be right around 5:20 for each of them. I felt the best I have in weeks during last night's run, so I'm hopeful that I am managing this pain well enough to get through the marathon.

It's also someone's birthday tonight, so we are going to Crepes du Jour after the track workout. If you've never been there it's quite delicious, it's next to Mt. Washington Tavern. Most of the dinners are about $10-14ish. Bring cash if you can!


gladfelter said...

Great job on the miles last night folks! 4x in the downpour rain, all with great consistency. Way to knock off a 4:40:xx Kyle!

Johnnie Cochran said...

6x1,200 w/ 2:00 jog recovery


Legs felt a little flat with only 2 days rest since the half marathon, but still happy with it.