Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Workout Reminder + Jen's Nickname

Just a reminder about tonight's workout:

6:30 - meet at Gilman, do short warmup on the track
6:45 - depart Gilman, head down Roland to Lake, Lake to Falls, into Robert E Lee
7:05 - start banging some hills

So if for some reason you should need to meet us anywhere, that's where we'll be.

Also, the votes are in for Jen's nickname. We had four great choices to select from, but there could only be one winner (and it won big). 32 votes were cast, and TIGER LILY received 19 of them. The surprise 2nd place finisher was Rach Rach Baby, a name coined by Pete, who really pulled support together to help it receive 6 votes. Fun Jen finished a disappointing 3rd with just 5 votes. Seriously Alyssa, what happened? I actually like this nickname, but it would be more appropriate if we had more than one Jen. And finally, my 2nd entry of Fabulous Jen Koshy (FJK) finished DFL with just 2 votes.

So please now refer to Jen Koshy as Tiger Lily. Or any one of the other nicknames, it really doesn't matter.


Jen said...

Thank you all for the strange interest in what my nickname should be, the question is who is up next for a new name?

Terence aka LT said...

Jen, you will always be my Rach Rach BABY!!!