Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekend Run Plans

As previously stated, I am not running this weekend but it looks like a considerable amount of you have interest. How about a time gets selected and posted in the comments section. People who are interested are: Kris "Kristofferson" Simms, Rebecca DuRivage-Jacobs, Matt Stanford Cardinal and Jeff Rumble in the Jungle Rumbaugh. Maybe you could plan on 9am at the Park? Thus allowing Kris to get there a little early and run extra or something.

If you're running with us today at the Park we are meeting at 4pm.

Also happy 8-8-08, the day is finally here! That means Olympics start today, let's get together tonight, watch some Olympics and celebrate this historic day.


THE KRIS said...

i'll be at the park at 9 on saturday if anyone is interested.

Matt said...

I can be there at 9, trying to run about 15-16 miles, so probably a little less than you.

Rebs said...

Im pretty sure Ill be there at 9 if I dont get lost..Id love to do 10 but that may be a pipe dream.

Rebs said...

10 miles that is.