Monday, August 4, 2008

Long Runs

Lets talk long runs. Anybody want to think about any of these. I'm going to do a few of these and would like some company. Or would you like to just keep running around the same circle again and again?

Aug 16 There is a run on the JFK part of the AT. Did it last year, fun group of people. Either 16 or 32 miles.

Aug 23
Trail 10k (why bother?) in Carroll County

Aug 24 A10 I'm signed up, who else?

Aug 31 NCR 20 miler real good way to work the quads(its all flat)

Sept 6
70 miler in Shenandoahs, anybody want to go and camp and do SOME of it
Sept 6
North Face 50 Can anybody get me in this?
Sept 6
35 mile run on NCR, (painful but good group last year)

Sept 7 Trail marathon in DE

Sept 20
Gunpowder 50K
Say it right now, anyone that isn't going to Philly and doesn't do this is a total wuss.

Sept 27
60 miler in VA
I'm still considering this, anybody want to come and run SOME?


RM said...

TRAVIS clearly you can see the schedule to the right hand side of this post!!!

Just kidding, but PDR on 9/21 and my birthday party are NON-negotiables in my eyes.

I can't remember if I posted or just sent an email to someone recently regarding what weekends I would actually be around to do long runs. My weekends unfortunately were predetermined for me months ago, between Godsey's visit/Hubs of Fury, Labor Day weekend in NJ, a wedding the following weekend, then 12 weeks of racing, my life sucks. I unfortunately cannot do any of the runs you just posted.

Travis said...

whats the deal? Only one thing conflicts with the lame road runners sched. and that is your B-day. I'll take that one off the list. Very sorry. Your going to be what this year? 12?

RM said...

It doesn't matter what age I will be, it's a principle. I expect you to be there too, if not for the party, at least for the 3 mile XC race at Hereford High School in the afternoon. It starts at noon.

And our schedule is not lame! There are just certain events that are cool to do. One day we'll be able to compromise, perhaps alternating off-the-beaten-path long races with you coming to a genuine fast, 15,000 person race. It would be like when Fievel came to America.

Alyssa said...

A.) I am going to the AT to do the JFK course this weekend, saturday or sunday is still slightly negotiable. I'll put my plans on the blog.
The rest of the weekends in August I am doing 25-30 miles on one of the days, most likely Sundays (I'm doing A-10 too so I'll just add on after that).

B.) I am tapering for the 100K in September approx. 2.5 weeks out which makes Gunpowder a no-go.

C.) That being said, for everyone who doesn't know the Great Eastern Endurance Run in Sept. is an AMAZING race and there is a 100K, 50K, and 1/2 marathon this year. If anyone has a desire to do a sweet trail race this is the one to do. My coach/good friend is the RD for it and they are awesome, it will probably fill up but if you want to get in just let me know.

Alyssa said...

PS - Everyone who didn't vote Fun Jen isn't my friend.

THE KRIS said...

i think i'd be down with the aug. 31st thing, i'd like to do some long and fast(ish) stuff.

alyssa- maybe she's never hit you in the head.