Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekend Plans

Jen, stop trying to scare us. People that die in triathlons probably shouldn't have been doing them to begin with. I have done numerous triathlons and I have never died.

Many of you know Becky Parks, and some may be aware that she is leaving us for jolly ol' England to pursue post-baccalaureate studies. While she doesn't leave until August 16th, her time in Baltimore (area) is waning, so she is planning on gathering some friends to go out in Fed Hill this Friday eve.

Not sure what the plan is, but if you're around I encourage you to come out and see her off. I was going to go home to NJ on Friday, but I'll probably stick around now for the night and head back on Saturday. WHICH means I'd be interested in running (long) on Saturday morning. Since I am not up for traveling, this means Patapsco, and it's going to have to be early, like running by 7:30 I think, so I am not late for this wedding.

Also, there is a new show on TV coming soon to Discovery, it features Ludacris vs Tommy Lee in a green-off. I can't wait.

PS Alex, I know you may not read this, but guess what this week is?

Shark Week!


Christine said...

I'd be up for a long run Saturday morning. I was planning on 2 1/2 hours.

THE KRIS said...

i was hoping for sunday morning, as i'll be out friday night. as we've recently learned, i'm not as young as some of you, and i need my rest. that said, i'll try to make saturday if nobody wants to do sunday.

Alyssa said...

A brief lesson in abbrevations (is that a pun?):

You can't abbreviate words that when abbreviated, actually are another word with an entirely different meaning. "[...] so she is planning on gathering some friends to go out in Fed Hill this Friday eve." Friday eve is not an approp abbrev for Friday evening, seeing as Friday eve is actually Thursday.

RM said...

A) Alyssatard, fuck you

B) Kris, where are YOU goin on Friday night? Senior Citizen Activity Center having a mixer? A Sadie Hawkins dance?

THE KRIS said...

i have to buy a new super-homo-tri-suit... i left mine at your mom's.

see what i did there? i called your sexual orientation into question, AND i implied that your mother is sexually promiscuous. all in one sentence. i'm just saying.

ok, it's my friends birthday, so early-bird special @ denny's.

alyssa, that was a pretty snotty comment... *internet hi-five*

THE KRIS said...

yes i know that i forgot the apostrophe in "friend's".

Travis said...

I love it when Ryan is in a foul mood.

RM said...

Ha, I'm in a GREAT mood, you kidding? My new name that I bestowed on myself is Capt. Awesome, Esquire. I figure it'd be pretty awesome if I were some kind of lawyer.

Anyway you guys in for running at the park on Friday? I think I'm going out to Fredneck EARLY on Friday morning to ride, and then I have a meeting out there mid-morning. I'll be at the park ready to rumble. Then do it again on Saturday. Whaddup. Kris don't feel obligated to go on Saturday if it's not convenient, I'm sure you can get some people to run Sunday.

THE KRIS said...

i'm in for friday, what time? i actually prefer saturday as a rule, but maybe not this week.

RM said...

I have trouble committing to 4pm as I find it difficult to make it there on time, so let's keep 4:30 if that's cool. And yes, I am aware of your penchant for Saturday runs, I personally used to prefer them until I started long rides as well, in which case I always prefer the 6 hour hit of a bike ride on a Saturday and a 2 hour hit of a run on Sunday. But don't worry, while you're away I'll make sure we do all our long runs on Saturdays.