Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Weekend - Let's Cut Loose

It's getting to be that time of year again. The money has been paid, the races are scheduled and everyone is committed. Summer is here. Remember winter? Remember how cold and dark it was? This is paradise. Everyday I almost crash my car driving 5 mph next to some shorty that needs to be having my baby.

So why is it's just now that you can start to hear every creak from your bike on a long hill climb and you wonder if it's not your bones. You can see the heat shimmering off of the track before workouts. Somehow the pool is still cold every morning and it seems like there is a thunderstorm every day. Every now and then you swear you hear an early cicada. And as you drive home after 9pm or sit in a traffic jam to get to a workout you just feel exhausted.

If you can't tell Ryan and I are feeling down. Wack. We're sad pandas. We have no mojo. We're in a funk. Not a James Brown funk. We're burned out. We like to train and we like to race but the fact that we're kinda at the hump of our summer training combined with other stuff going on in our lives means that everything, training and otherwise is going stale. Even when we go out lately we're checking out watches - everyone has a race, a workout or to volunteer the next day. We're both sleeping in later than we like, eating garbage 3 meals a day, skipping workouts or putting them off to the last possible minute and just generally feeling unmotivated.

Just last night at 4am I couldn't sleep and I ... and I ... this is embarrassing for me guys ... I read Runners World.

Things have spiraled out of control!!!

But no more! Refreshment is on the way my friends!

We talked about it and agreed that taking some time off and just going out and partying will just leave us feeling more tired and burned out. We talked about road trips, vacations, museums, hiking, state parks and come to the conclusion we should have a party. In hindsight I'm not sure how we worked that out either.

Actually we came up with a number* of ideas:

Some type of Party
A DC trip
Baltimore Bicycle Bar Tour
Bike Ride for people who don't ride bikes

* number = 4

What are people feeling like? Any interest? Lets just all kick it this weekend so we can go back to being the best whatever the hell we are on the planet.



THE KRIS said...

as always, i'm up for bike/bar tour and/or ride for runners.

Alyssa said...

i'm up for bikes and bars....or walking and bars - bar golf style perhaps.

The other Ryan said...

I don't have a bike of any kind so I guess I would be up for a bar crawl/walk. I live in Towson but I'm more then willing to drive down to Baltimore to get to know you guys more then just on Tuesday workout days. My email is and I'm on Ryan's facebook if you guys figure something out for this weekend...

Alyssa said...
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