Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stealing Thunder

Kip stole my thunder, I was just updating race results and was going to post about today's workout. Anyway, it'll be your choice, but we're going to amend tonight's workout to be 2x(1000-2000-1000). Of course, you can choose to do 800-1600-800 and just have a little bit longer recovery.

So it looks like we had a pretty successful weekend of racing, sorry I sent out the email prior to having all results in. At the Pikesville 5k, Kyle tore it up, winning by a hefty margin, while Ryan Orner took 5th in a very good time. Phebe snatched up the win for the ladies.

Spirit of Gettysburg 5k, a very competitive race, saw Dave Berdan pick up 5th, while Chrissie appears to have finished 2nd overall and Denise with an AMAZING race, 18:19 and 4th overall. Great job!

Matt Stanford, in just his 2nd tri, had a great race in Perryville at the Diamond in the Rough Tri and I'm pretty sure Doug was planning on doing Sweet Air Trail race, but BRRC takes forever to post their results, so hopefully I'll have that by the time winter's here.

The day up at Providence was another interesting test of pure hatred for our bodies. Spider, in his first half IM in 7 years, had an incredible race. Fastest run of the day with the field of runners in this race is nothing short of unbelievable. This was probably the hardest run course I've ever had to do, by virtue of a ridiculous hill we had to run twice. I have never raced up something of that gradient and length. Then we had to run down it twice, which hurt even more. Spider finished 22nd amateur and 41st overall, and despite this was only 8th in his AGE group. 35-39 held it down. But he did manage to pick up the spot to Clearwater (Half IM WCs) so that's cool.

Alyssa had never ridden more than 30 miles prior to Sunday. After a good swim she got out on the bike and pedaled to a very respectable time - under 3 hours (19mph avg) which, let me tell you, is not easy to do. Then she ran 1:55, which is great, considering I only ran a few minutes faster. This is an awesome first half Ironman.

My race was much better than the last attempt, but something's still up when I get onto the run. I need to figure it out. Once I do, it's gonna get real. I was pleased with my swim, my bike split was very good and my run, well, that was good for about 6 or 7 miles. Then I fell apart. I'll post a more in depth report on my blog. There's something I'm missing or not doing right. I've got a LONG time to work on it, though, as this was the last half for me for the year. Back to Olympic Distance races, where I don't have to eat, drink or think - just go.

We've got Rockville Twilight this Saturday, so if you're interested in carpooling, let me know. Probably leave Bmore around 6ish. Sunday morning, long run - 9am unless T wants to run and needs to go earlier.

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