Thursday, July 24, 2008


Saturday, can someone suggest where I could meet people with very good directions as to where I could leave my truck?
Also, Alyssa and I would like to do 3 hours plus, others may not....Are you guys going to hang around or take off? (Two cars at least?)

There is suggested 6 and 11 mile loop on the site. I'm thinking two 11's at about 8:00 min miles. Does this sound like what anybody else wants to do or am I looking at running alone?

Chrissie, your bad and all but your not holding a 6:30 pace anywhere in this park except on the driveway. The NW side is where all the hills are. So what is your and Kris' plan?

I can't make the park tomorrow afternoon, sorry.



THE KRIS said...

now i'm scared. i've never, EVER seen travis run an 8. i'll most likely do one of each loop, which should get me done in about 2.5. if anybody wants to do that, they are welcome to ride with me.

as for parking, go through the tunnel and take the boston street exit (1/2 mile after tunnel). follow boston street for about a mile, and look for dunkin donuts on your right. there is a pretty big lot there, so i think we'll be fine leaving cars.

let me know about time and who's running what.

the k.

Christine said...

I'll do that same. Can I ride with you?

RM said...

Also Ben needs a ride, Kris. If for some reason you don't have his number I'll give it to you later today

THE KRIS said...

you'll have to fight ben for the front seat, but you are more than welcome. or, we can all sit in the front, i don't want you to hit your head on the gun rack in the back.

Alyssa said... can ride in my car if you are planning to go longer, as long as you are cool with listening to celine dions greatest hits. Ill be there at 7, as per chrissies strong opinion to go earlier which I agree with. If anyone isn't there by 715 you will be left. Also kip...are you not coming now after all this? Where are you?

Ps...I was kiddng about the celine will be jock jams volume 3.

Travis said...

Cool, be there at 7:00. If I'm not there I lost in the city. This is special btw, I don't go in to the city except for very rare exceptions. Kris and Chrissie, man up and do a 3 hour run. Or do you both plan on finishing your marathon in 2:30?

Celine Dion in a very talented singer whether you like her music or not. Can we say the same about any hiphop artist ever? Thats why Ryan only listens to 80's easy listening.

Travis said...

PS I have a trail map form the park that everybody can make a cheat sheet off of.

kipchirchir said...

I will be there and can drive. I have no plans of doing a 3hr run just yet unless someone convinces me that it is a good idea.

I sorta know the DD place you are all talking about but have no idea how to get to it without going to 95. I will mapquest it (i.e. ask Elf) tonight.

See you tomorrow!

THE KRIS said...

kip, it's just down the street from ryan's house, or you can come to my place first.

RE: celine dion.


RM said...

You guys are ridiculous!

BOSTON STREET. Travis, easiest way is to go through the TUNNEL (Fort McHenry Tunnel) then take the exit 57 for Boston Street. At the exit ramp, bear left, and make a left at the light. Continue straight on Boston St for approximately 3/4 of a mile. You will cross over two sets of train tracks, one is very large. At the light (Conkling St) make a right and then an immediate right into the DD parking lot.

Kip, all you have to do is take President to Aliceanna, then right onto Boston. Go past my gym (the Merritt) but make the first left onto Conkling and then right into the parking lot.

Meet at 7, if you're not there by 7:15 you'll be left.

Jock Jams 3 would actually be my choice if I had one.

THE KRIS said...

didn't i already give travis directions? ok, so they weren't quite that good, but whatev., they were dece. see you guys at 7.

Christine said...

Kip, you could walk a marathon in less than 3 hours . . . you don't need to run that long! (j/k run as long as you like)