Sunday, July 13, 2008

Orgazmo is a fantastic movie

Can you believe my girlfriend made me watch Sweeney Todd instead? But I digress. . .

Nice race Ryan, your bike split was great and your run will come along with experience. Keep at it. (that's what she said)

This past week was a doozer. A heat wave combined with latent soreness from racing led to a spectacular 1:50-something "bonk" on my 14 mile run last Tuesday. The next couple of days were slower than average as well, which led me to cut back yesterday and only run five miles so that I could focus on today's long run. Mission accomplished as I gutted through a hilly and hot 20 miles on half dirt/pavement roads in 2:22:15. My last ten miles felt strong and I definitely had a few miles left in me at the end. So last weeks total was 78 miles.

Out of curiosity I looked at course profile of NYC and the biggest hill is mile 1. You gain over a hundred feet over the bridge. In comparison, my run today climbed over 300 feet from mile 2-5 and had a similar climb at miles 13-15. In short, I am gaining a lot of confidence from these long runs. If you guys haven't used yet, it is so much fun to geek-out with all the numbers.

On to next week's numbers:

Mon: Recovery, A.M. 6 mi. P.M. 4 mi.
Tues: 10 mi. W/ 5 mi @ lactate threshold
Wed: Medium Long Run, 14 mi.
Th: Recovery, A.M. 6 mi. P.M. 4 mi.
Fri: Medium Long Run, 13 mi.
Sat: Recovery, 7 mi
Sun: Long Run, 21 miles


Travis said...

Way to go keeping with that plan. I'm following along with slightly lower milage and slower miles. Doing a long run every ten days or so and still doing 1 or most of the time 2 days off completely. But, I'm not hurt. Well sorta but nevermind. I think the big(for me) milage is starting to kick in as I have some real strong days now and then. Went out Sat. with some guys I used to keep up with last year and got dropped though. Love those reality checks.
So, how do you like the doubles?
Is your heart rate different in the morning than at night?
Why are you not using doubles on stronger runs? Seems silly to recover twice in one day and with ten miles. I don't get this.
How are you copeing with the milage in general? injuries?

Anyway, good luck with it all.

Johnnie Cochran said...

The doubles are O.K. I think the point of the double recoveries is to (A) increase overall training volume (B) increase blood flow to muscles to prevent soreness.
The six and four mile runs don't really tire me it at all, they seem very short.
I have had a few issues with my hips and with my, for lack of scientific name, ass muscles. But nothing that stretching hasn't dealt with. I ice my knees after long runs, that is because I already had surgery (meniscus) and I don't want a repeat. Keep up the good work, if you want me to email the complete calendar to you, the book I am using has an 70 mile a week and a 55 mile a week version of what I am doing.

Arjun Majumdar said...

What surgery did you have on your meniscus? A friend of mine is going to have part of her lateral meniscus removed, and I was wondering about the recovery.

Johnnie Cochran said...

Recovery for meniscectomy is very quick, I was walking within a few days and running on it within a couple weeks. If they repair the meniscus as opposed to removing the torn part, that can take a lot longer to recover.

Alyssa said...

I had a torn lateral meniscus a few years ago...they didn't remove anything, just repaired, and my recovery was still relatively quick. I was running again easily within a month, and was back up to race and everything on it within 2-3 months.