Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last night's race

Everyone ran pretty well last night considering the extreme conditions. I think we are all pretty bad ass, especially those of us who wear cool sweat bands. In my opinion, we can all correct for the heat and probably come up with new PR's.

"Several studies have shown that the optimum temperature for long distance running performance seems to be around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Above and below this range performances degrade as much as 2% for every 5 degrees. Three additional environmental factors can interact to alter performance further. They are relative humidity, air movement, and radiation."

Let's say it was ~88 degrees at race time, discounting the humidity. That means we should correct our times by at least 12%. That means I should have run ~5:45 pace instead of 6:19. Sweet! So maybe it's not completely accurate, but we all are still pretty bad ass. Especially if we got up and did a long run this am.

Load up on salt, bananas, and protein today to help recover after a super-tough weekend. FYI-eggs have the highest bioavailable form of protein and are a good place to put some salt.


Alyssa said...

Another reminder of how important what melissa said is:

Granted, the death doesn't appear to be heat-related, but nonetheless...

RM said...

I am always amazed to hear these stories. You wonder what happened, what went wrong for them. It would be one thing if it was the heat, but this happened on the swim after just a short amount of time. This person was from Argentina, so I'm sure they are used to the heat, but since they're Mexican they probably can't swim.

NYC Tri blows, 5:50am start for the pros, 6am waves go off for everyone else. Look at the picture in the article, people are ALL over the water. I don't have any desire to ever do this race.

Oh, and somebody died at our race in Rockville as well.